The 3 Objectives



The goal is to create the perfect opportunity to connect buyers and sellers of single-family homes while providing access to all related products and services.


What we want is to create a comfortable space for children and adults to enjoy all things related to real estate. In addition, we want to take advantage of the space we have created, to hold intellectual discussions with regards to the problems that affect the urban developments in Valencia in terms of safety, facilities, and prevention.




We will offer conferences, exhibitions, and a variety of courses on safety, gardening- and landscaping, residential architecture, bioclimatic architecture, solar energy, home automation, as well as many others. We want our visitors to have the opportunity to learn and increase their knowledge of single-family home living. There will be exhibitions of the best villas showcasing modern architecture, courses on the various barbecuing techniques, using different types of wood, and a multitude of other courses that will be sure to pique your interest. We want our guests to breathe in the world of chalets and villas from the moment you arrive until the moment your Mundo Villas experience is complete.

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