The 3 Challenges

The best products

We will attract all new developments of existing single-family homes in the metropolitan area of Valencia, as well as in other areas that may potentially be interesting or attractive for visitors, such as Alicante and the Balearic Islands. There will be special offers and financing available for the previously-owned market. We are aiming to attract all companies and/or professionals interested in selling the best products and specific services required for this type of housing to this expo.

We seek to offer innovative and high-quality products.

A large number of visitors

For our expo, the most important thing is to attract all potential customers interested in buying villas in the metropolitan area of Valencia, as well as all those who are already residents in this type of urbanization within these developments. For this, we have designed a convincing communication campaign using a database currently populated with more than 6,000 clients.

Come back in 2020

We want to make this expo equally attractive for visitors and productive for exhibitors. Filled with high-quality and innovative content, we plan on taking care of every detail, catering to all of our visitors with the sole purpose of wanting them to return to our next edition, in 2020. We are absolutely aware that our success lies in achieving this goal which is why we have dedicated all of our efforts to the success of this expo.

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